Not So Modern Drummer
Review "Greg Gaylord's Drum Solo"
By John Aldridge

Drum Solo
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Not So Modern Drummer's 2000 Snare Drum Olympics Results
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  The SoundWood Jam introduces sustainable wood instruments
By Stacey L. Fowler (Environmental News Network, January 24, 2002)
Drum Solo

Drum Solo Drums: A Natural Choice
By Phil Ferraro (Modern Drummer, January 2003)

Drum Solo

SoundLab No. 2
Drum Solo Snare Drums by John Alridge (Drum! Dec.2002 | Jan. 2003)

Drum Solo Dinner at the Sechuan Palace (DrumPro Magazine, Nov. 2004)
Drum Solo SoundLab No. 2
Drum Solo Walnut Segment-Shell Drum Set
by Brad Schlueter (Drum! Issue # 106 | April 2005)
Modern Drummer (August 2004) Modern Drummer (August 2004)
Drum Solo Cherry Segment Jazz Kit

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