Look who else is using Drum Solo craftsmanship! (not endorsees)

Narada Michael Walden, The San Francisco Symphony, Bill Kreuztman (Grateful Dead), Mayer Bros. Drum, Pork Pie Percussion, Bernard Purdie, John "Bermuda" Schwartz (Weird Al), Orange County Drum & Percussion (OCDP)

What The Pros Say

“What a drum!! This is the best I’ve played in over 20 years. I own five snares and this one kills all the others.”

George Hearst

Drummer for MALO - Lenny Williams; MAZE - Narada Michael Walden

”Greg Gaylord has accomplished what the other custom drum companies have not: drums that have a rich, resonant tone, using the best available materials, skillfully crafted to precision at a price that is definitely affordable.”

Tom Donlinger - BM, MA

Drummer for Van Morrison, Jerry Garcia, Mike Bloomfield. Currently freelancing and teaching in San Francisco Bay Area at A Drummers Tradition.

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