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Meinl Percussion Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares and Free Bag

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Meinl Percussion Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares and Free Bag – MADE IN EUROPE 

The Meinl Percussion cafe Cajon with free gig bag is constructed of Birch wood for full, resonant bass notes and crisp slap tones. An internal snare System is fitted against the inside of the playing surface to add a sizzle effect, mimicking the sound of a snare drum. The Birch front plate responds well to finger rolls as well as corner slaps and bass hits, giving you optimal dynamic control.

When played towards the center, The solid natural finish resonating body accompanies the playing surface by broadening your bass notes to achieve a deep and punchy sound, reacting much like a kick drum. Non-slip rubber feet allow the body to resonate to its fullest while providing stability. This instrument is ideal for acoustic gigs when a full drum kit cannot be used. The free Meinl standard Cajon gig bag protects your Cajon and provides hassle free transportation.

The heavy-duty stitching and carrying grip ensures that your Cajon is protected while on the road to the gig or studio. Store your instrument inside the bag to protect against dirt, dust, and moisture. The portability of the Meinl cafe Cajon with bag makes it easy for musicians to integrate into their main act, on stage or in the studio. Made in Europe from Baltic birch wood: Made in Europe from 100% Baltic Birchwood, a wood type commonly found in high-end drum set construction for its highly responsive tonal quality.

Includes free Cajon Bag: included Free with this Cajon is the Meinl standard Cajon Gig Bag, which is made with heavy duty nylon and features a strong carrying grip. Perfect for travel and storage
Crisp snare sounds: mounted inside the Cajon are two sets of internal fixed snare wires – the same type found on snare drums.

This allows players to get a full range of drum set sounds (bass & snare)
Rear sound port: a rear sound port is cut into the back of the resonating Body to allow air to escape as you play it, creating maximum resonance. This is also an ideal spot for mic placement

Four large rubber feet: attached to the underside of this Cajon are rubber feet that keep the instrument stable; these feet also protect the Cajon while dampening unwanted vibrations and preserving sound quality

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